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Professor at Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco


Prof. Dr. El Haddadi Anass received his Ph.D degree in business intelligence from the University of Toulouse (France) and University Mohammed V of Rabat (Morocco) in 2011. He is a Professor at Abdelmalek Essaadi University since 2013. He is habilitaded to supervice research (HDR) since 2017and he is the head of data science and competitive intelligence research team.

Prof . Dr. El Haddadi is a member of the French Research Group in Competitive Intelligence. Since 2014, he is a president of Competitive Intelligence Day in Morocco; since 2015, he is the president of VSST Association Chapter Morocco; and since 2016, he is the vice president of ISKO-Maghreb (Morocco). His research interests include decision-support information systems, big data analytics, data visualization, and unstructured data management.

Keynote Speech Title: Big Data for Firms’ Competitiveness


Using analytics for firms’ competitiveness (i.e., competitive intelligence) is a vital component of a company’s strategic planning and management process. It allows a company to anticipate market developments proactively rather than merely react to them. It is an external intelligence about the firm’s competitors. In recent years, organizations have started to capitalize on the significant use of Big Data for analyses to gain valuable insights to improve decisionmaking processes. In this regard, leveraging and unleashing the potential of big data has become a significant success factor for steering firms’ competitiveness.